Lunch. Learn. Team Mojo.


Need to boost team productivity, engagement, commitment, morale year-round... but you have limited time and expertise to create and facilitate interactive workshops? 

We get it; we can help!  


We leverage over 50 years of collective operational know-how to provide a robust menu of professional nourishment for your team, delivered monthly during the lunch hour by engaging presenters via 45 minute interactive workshops


You choose the 6, 10 or 20 topics from the list below for your organization’s year of professional development. 


6 Topics

1 Every Other Month

10 topics

1 per month for 10 months

20 topics

2 per month for 10 months


Team Leadership 

o  Defining the leadership model for you & your team

o  Being a better team leader and team member

o  Change leadership

o  Maximizing the strengths of you & your team


o  Going broad & narrow for better problem solving

o  Co-mentorship – helping each other be more successful

o  Elevate your performance

o  Getting and giving actionable feedback

o  Experiment & measure to be more effective, efficient & FUN

Life Events

o  Getting what you want out of life – setting & achieving     your life goals

o  Just engaged? Now what – wedding planning best practices

o  Get your financial savvy on – so you can enjoy today & tomorrow

o  Home & auto insurance 101 – saving money, maximizing protection

o  Residential real estate – Buying your first/next home


o  Designing experiences to delight customers

o  Effectively pitching your BIG idea


o  Create your professional

o  Maximize your career development plan


o  Building a better network inside the company

o  Listening for insights… with customers, team members & in the market

o  Always be connecting the dots for more effective communication

o  The art of storytelling


o  WHIP it – creating your Weekly Hi-Impact Plan

o  Mindfulness meditations – creating focus and impact

o  Making meetings super-effective

o  Productivity powerhouse, making the most of your time


Didn’t find the topic you’re looking for?  We can create one for your exact needs.