Kick-Starter Programs For Teams


Need a Kick-Start to move your brand, your business model or your in-market results forward faster?


Not sure where to start?  We get it; we can help! 


We leverage over 50 years of collective operational know-how to help you successfully execute on your strategic imperatives – your brand, your business, your new ideas, your customer experience, your in-market impact.


Who it's for

High-growth companies looking to propel their teams forward to address rapid growth, new competition, changing markets, customer needs or new business realities. 


How We Do It

  • On-site, full-day, interactive facilitated think-tank session
  • With your cross-functional leadership team

What You Get

  • Shared team vision with aligned next steps, drivers & timeline
  • Synthesized plan-on-a-page (POP) to ensure your entire organization is in sync
  • Implementation plan, identifying critical action steps 

Kick-Starters Available: 


Brand Kick-Starter

– Clarify what your brand stands for in customers minds and identify key opportunities to strengthen it.

  • Your brand promise, values and personality
  • Your customer target and needs
  • Your brand’s key messages

Kick-Start In-Market Wins

– Clarify your greatest opportunities and how to achieve them in the next 90 days.

  • Your most impactful opportunities in next 90 days 
  • The critical actions to make the most of those opportunities  
  • Clarity and commitment on who is driving each action 

Business Model Kick-Starter

– Clarify your unique value proposition and identify key opportunities to strengthen it.

  • Your key customer target(s) & unique value proposition(s) 
  • Your key capabilities, resources & partners 
  • Your cost and revenue model 

Innovative Kick-Starter

– Rapidly advance your new ideas via proven customer driven, lean innovation practices. 

  • The critical pain-points you solve for customers
  • Prototypes co-created with your customers 
  • Launch plan for your minimal viable product

Customer Delight Kick-Starter

– Clarify your customer experience principles and identify key opportunities to strengthen them, thus delighting your customers.  

  • The fundamental needs & wants of your customers
  • Your customer experience guiding principles for frontline behavior
  • Your implementation plan, enabling your employees to deliver delightful experiences 

We then help you build out your capabilities in each area above (brand & channels; business model & focus; plan implementation, launching new ideas, delighting customers)